Pigment-Off Remover means the chemical removal of pigments.
It is based on a unique chemical process that is designed to dissolve and then remove the applied pigments from the skin surface, rather than destroying the pigments into tiny particles such as laser removals. Pigment particles and not through the lymphatic circulation.

Pigment-Off Remover is a specially formulated suspension solution that can bind and remove pigments in the skin. The size of the suspension particles is very similar to that of the tattooed pigments. Not only its physical properties, but also its chemical composition is similar, which means that the elements in the solution behave similarly during the reaction and thus they can mix well with the pigments.

In physical contact, Pigment-Off Remover mixes with the components of the pigments in the skin and, unlike the pigments, its components are not incorporated in the skin. After ingestion, the skin’s own defensive reaction results in rejection of the pigments along with the dissolved pigments, in the same way as they were applied, without burdening the lymphatic system.
With the professional use of Pigment-Off Remover, the success rate of complete pigment removal is 99.9%. However, there are a few features of tattoo removal. The particle size of body tattoo pigments is different from that of makeup tattoos, so the removal of the tattoo may be longer than in case of makeup tattoos. In addition, body tattoo pigments go deeper into the skin when making body tattoos than they do in cosmetic tattoos.
After removal, regular after-care of the treated skin is very important. 50% of the treatment success depends on following the instructions. After treatment, the removal process continues: a thin layer of film (scab) is formed on the treated area and when it falls off a significant part of the pigments is removed.


It has extremely important and unique properties: It can bind not only to pigments but also iron oxides and heavy metal residues to remove them from the skin surface. In this process the lymphatic channels are not burdened. Thanks to the formula, the Pigment-off emulsion is able to bind to the pigment particles in the skin, thus removing the resulting complexes from the skin and leaving the body in a gentle and reliable way.

Removal and after-care agents are specifically adapted to this treatment and therefore it results in a significant improvement in the condition of the skin tissue. The skin becomes softer, smoother and more sensitive to nutrients, and also allows for subsequent pigmentation (tattooing). Another great feature is that experience has shown that after removal of pigments, hair growth in the eyebrow area improves as a result of subsequent care with special home care products.

  • Works with all colors
  • no heat build up in the skin
  • the pigment particle is not decisive
  • unlike camouflage technique, this solution is not for 2-3 years


Definitely for clients who have damaged or ruined tattoos and want to make their look more natural.
Pigment-Off Remover is a gentle way to remove tattoos.


The removal process is not possible in the following cases:

  • circulatory or hemophilic problems
  • taking high doses of blood thinners, antibiotics, psychiatric medications
  • diabetes
  • tendency to keloid scarring
  • hypo- or hyper-pigmentation
  • chronic diseases
  • oncology treatment or cancer
  • Epilepsy, Glaucoma, or other neurological conditions
  • skin diseases
  • active herpes, hepatitis, AIDS, HIV
  • during pregnancy
  • high blood pressure
  • under the influence of alcohol or drugs

What to do if you already have cosmetic tattoos but you want to make them nicer and more natural?

First, contact me by phone or email. Then I’ll ask you for a close-up, front-facing photo of the tattooed area. After looking at the color and shape of your tattoo, there are two options:

  • Ideally, the color and shape of your existing tattoo is appropriate – I can make a new, natural-looking makeup tattoo.
  • If the color is too strong and / or there are bigger problems with the shape, then Pigment-Off Remover is definitely needed.