It provides an excellent solution to replace missing eyebrow hairs and to minimally change the arch of the eyebrows.

This technique achieves the most natural effect because I create hair strokes that perfectly match the original eyebrows.
Pigmentation is done with the color or colors that best harmonize with the hair color and the original strokes.

  • This technique creates the most natural effect
  • Precise, lifelike strokes


It creates a powdery, makeup look.

It is more spectacular than stroke tattoos. For this procedure, I use a lighter pigment and a darker pigment to achieve color gradient as well as a more aesthetic result. I apply the lighter color to the front and to the top of the eyebrows. The darker color highlights the lower arch of the eyebrows.

  • Powdery, makeup effect
  • Ombre color gradient


It provides a fuller and more spectacular result

Eyebrow tattoos made by cosmetic tattoo machine are more characteristic and spectacular. They are slightly more durable than Microblading tattoos, but less natural in appearance.

  • Fuller effect
  • Less natural


It is a realistic machine technique.

This machine technique creates the most realistic hair strokes. It takes creativity to achieve spatial appearance. This process requires higher professional knowledge and skills in terms of execution. A darker and lighter color contributes to the spatial effect, and the shading between the strokes makes the final look more realistic.

  • Realistic machine technique
  • New type of hair strokes