Within 7 days after the procedure

  • Avoid all places which might cause infection for the tattoos (swimming pool, beach, tanning bed, sauna)!
  • Do not soak or foment the treated area
  • Avoid any mechanical or other damage on the treated area
  • It is forbidden to rub, scratch or tear. The scab should peel on its own.
  • Avoid all cosmetic procedures (avoid tinting eyelashes and eyebrows for 28 days)
  • If possible, do not use make-up on the treated area
  • Do not forget UV protection! Use sunscreen!

Between 7 and 28 days

  • Avoid artificial UV radiation that may discolor pigments applied into your skin (tattoo may become gray)
  • Avoid deep chemical peeling, acid skincare treatments, laser or IPS procedures and retinol
  • Use sunscreen with 50 SPF against UV radiation!

The full regeneration of the epidermis usually takes 28 days, so much time is needed to achieve the chosen color. So it takes 4 weeks for the final color to show. During this time the color is constantly changing. Home care greatly influences the final color and the amount of pigments remaining in the skin.

One month after the procedure but within 3 months, a touch-up treatment is necessary, which finalizes the amount of pigments and the temperature and depth of the colors.


We would like to achieve temporary skin coloration by using modern make-up tattoo pigments, that is why every 1-1,5 years a touch-up procedure (color refresh) is required in order to keep the treated area beautiful and neat.
Paint fading varies and it depends on the individual’s skin type and aftercare. One of the most important factors, however, is sun protection, which needs to be constantly observed!